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Corporate Social Responsibility

At Maxworks, we recognise that social and environmental development, along with economic growth, are the main driving forces to our long-term sustainability.


As such, we are deeply committed to going above and beyond the legal framework by developing ethical ways to contibute to our economic development while supporting our employees, families, communities and society at large.



Organisations we support include:


Pedostop - a non governmental organisation which fights against child sexual abuse.


Caritas - an organisation promoting dignity, solidarity and stewardship on behalf of the world’s most vulnerable people. Provides support to poor and needy people.


Organisation communautaire Cite Jonction de Pailles - contributes towards the alleviation of poverty among poor children. Provides support for vulnerable people in the Pailles region.


Etoile du Berger - manages several shelters at Albion and Beau Bassin. Its objectives are to look after children who have been taken from their biological parents by the Child Development Unit.


L'Atelier Mo'Zar - music school for children from disavantaged regions.


ANFEN - Adolescent Non-Formal Education Network. A dynammic network of 20 NGOs in Mauritius and Rodrigues, which caters for informal education to over 1000 vulnerable out-of-school children.

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