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Large Storage Tanks

One of our main specialisations is the design, fabrication, conversion and maintenance of large storage tanks. We have built storage vessels for a wide range of industries and applications, including:


  • Over 25 Large Fuel Storage Vessels for companies such as Shell, Moroil and Total to API650 standards.


  • A new Jet A1 depot for the Airport of Rodrigues built on a turn-key basis.


  • Stainless steel mixing vessels for NaOH storage for M.C.F.I.


  • Mobile tanks for fuel and water


  • Bitumen tanks


To find out more, please visit our projects page or contact us directly.








Bitumen tank designed and constructed by Maxworks
Bitumen Tank
maxworks tank conversion ammonia to gasoil
Conversion of Ammonia Tanks for Gasoil and HFO Storage
maxworks tank for water treatment plant
Tank for Water Treatment Plant
maxworks jet A1 fuel depot for rodrigues airport
Jet A1 Fuel Depot for Rodrigues Airport
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