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Mobile Equipment

Mobile Equipment


Our comprehensive fleet of mobile equipment allows us to provide a complete end-to-end service without the need for third party subcontracting. 


Our mobile equipment include:


  • MIG, TIG, MMA, and Submerged Arc Welding Equipment

  • Automatic Double-Sided Girth Welder

  • Plasma Cutting Equipment

  • Hydraulic Jacks up to 100 tons

  • Storage Tank Jackup Equipment up to 150 tons

  • Dedicated Runway Rubber Removal Machine

  • 30-ton Capacity Mobile Crane

  • 2 Trucks (One of which mounted with 3-ton crane)

  • Electric and Diesel-driven Air Compressors up to 390cfm

  • Mobile Sandblasting Equipment

  • Electric and  Manual Hoists up to 15 tons

  • Motorised Suspended Aerial Platforms

  • 3 Graco Airless Spray Units

  • Comprehensive Sets of Ringlock/ Layher Scaffolding

Double-sided automatic girth welder
Double-sided Automatic Girth Welder
maxworks jackup equipment
Jackup Equipment
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