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Occupational Health and Safety

Maxworks is committed to providing a healthy and safe working environment for all its employees. 


Within our company, the only acceptable workplace is one without accidents or injuries. In order to achieve the latter, we follow a strict OHS management system which includes programs, rules and instructions that apply at every level of the company. Our main objectives include:


Developing a safe working culture at all levels of operation.


Maxworks, through all levels of management, collaborates with the Health and Safety Officer and the employees to ensure that all our programs comply to and surpass all legal requirements. We undertake to follow the hierarchy of hazard control when applying our Occupational Health and Safety programs.


We also believe in teamwork and recognise the employees' duties in identifying hazards. All our employees are encouraged to offer suggestions to improve Occupational Health and Safety at the workplace. Our health and safety committee acts as a platform between employees and employers to voice their concerns and provide the best solutions.


Improving working environment to become conducive to safety and health.


Before embarking on any project, a Job Safety Analysis is conducted by our registered Health and Safety Coordinator. Throughout the project, site visits are carried out to ensure that all health and safety rules are respected.


Employees follow the Health and Safety rules, instructions and procedures put in place in line with our company HSE goals and policy. The use of  personal protection equipment gear is strictly enforced upon our employees on all required work sites. First aid is also available on site and in the workshop, and administered by qualified first aiders.


Due to our specialised activities, we have various emergency plans such as work at height rescue plans, confined space management program, fire emergency plans, gas testing equipment done by a qualified gas tester (confined space) that are specific to each prjoect in order to ensure the safest working conditions. For such activities, we provide our employees with training and certification programs.


Maintaining and promoting employee health and working capacity.


One of our main priorities is ensuring that all our employees are healthy and fit to work. To ensure the latter, regular medical checks and surveillance are organized for our employees. This is of particular importance in our field of work due to the sometimes harsh nature of our projects, where our employees' health are closely monitored throughout. 

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